Personnel rent

It’s very often that companies are looking for ,,extra hands” around the world because of seasonality, new the introduction of a new product, temporary work or various project activities. And the most…

Personnel management consulting

Suitable team formation- guarantee of a  successful company. However, the most important thing is effective personnel management that leads to keeping the team winning in…

Personnel search and selection

Our company basis – professionals who have been selected in accordance with the highest qualifications, morality and the ability to achieve a common goal. Effective, professional, cohesive team – is the basis…

Contract services

We offer contract for services. We carry out all the work contracted and we take full responsibility and risk. Also we can ensure the quality of  our work because our first step is to…


Recruited people


Satisfied clients




Flexible pricing

Our package of services is adapted by the individual needs of the client. That‘s why we are focused on a flexible pricing. We do not impose any base taxes, so you only pay for the most effective solution


Variety of solutions

Each case is considered individually and flexibly, so we can always offer alternative solutions. We maintain a discourse with the client to find the best solution to the problem


We apply the most advanced search and selection methodologies. Our specialists regularly participate in training courses, seminars, conferences

Working in 10 countries

Our team is always developing and working with the highly qualified professionals. That‘s why we are able to use the most modern and most innovative selection and testing methodologies. We carry out tests to determine the candidate’s professional competence, human qualities and values. Actual results force us to keep going and use innovations in practice.

Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.