Looking for work or employees? Our specialists can help you!

Personnel search and selection

Our company basis – professionals who have been selected in accordance with the highest qualifications, morality and the ability to achieve a common goal. Effective, professional, cohesive team – is the foundation of a company that seeks only the highest goals. Apec Group specialists will help to form your dream team which will be able to smoothly implement the goals, vision and mission.

After we get familiar with the company’s activities and values, we’ll find out the customer’s expectations and requirements for the future staff and make a targeted search and selection. The candidates will proceed the testing that allows accurate assessment of professional skills and human qualities. Selected candidates will be presented in detail. We can also participate in the following negotations with the candidate.

Your team – the winning team. Entrust this work to professionals.

Personnel rent

It’s very often that companies are looking for ,,extra hands” around the world because of seasonality, new the introduction of a new product, temporary work or various project activities. And the optimum solution here would be the personnel rent. We will find and select workers you need for a specific period. You won’t need to take care of the recruitment, dismissal or accounting of salaries and taxes. All work will be done by us. Your company will work smoothly and the number of employees won’t increase.

We have a huge database of skilled and unskilled temporary workers who are able to perform different tasks. All workers have completed the initial work and fire safety course, passed a medical examination, so they can start working the next day.

Backlogs always bring the loss of income. Use our services because we will ensure the smooth process of your business in a wide range of different situations.

Suitable team formation – guarantees a  successful company.

Personnel management consulting

Suitable team formation- guarantee of a  successful company. However, the most important thing is effective personnel management that leads to keeping the team winning in a long term. Our solutions:

  • Clear definition of organizational structure.
  • Purification of staff positions.
  • Rendering of values and goals of the company.
  • Analysis of employees needs (working conditions, environment, learning atmosphere).
  • Creating the promotional system (motivational events, additive system, leisure).
  • The annual discussion about employees performance. We will create a methodology for evaluating managers and prepare personnel for discussion.

By working consistently and systematically we will make your organization to function efficiently and have a clear structure.

Contract services

We offer contract for services. We carry out all the work contracted and we take full responsibility and risk. Also we can ensure the quality of  our work because our first step is to create clear performance criteria. We guarantee unvarying prices in total working time. Payment only after work. We are fully responsible for results.

Services we provide:

  • Storage
  • Construction
  • Logistics

Employee qualification development

In order to achieve the best results, we are constantly reviewing the qualification of our employees by organizing various seminars and qualification curses. Together with experts we organize:

  • Professional trainings;
  • Qualification refresher courses;
  • Seminars and conferences for administration staff;
  • Trainings for unqualified workers to prepare them for work abroad.

We are trying to assure that each and every worker would have the right qualification or gain it before starting to work for you.